Batman Can’t Get A Date – Batman: Gotham After Midnight #5

The cover to Batman: Gotham After Midnight #5
Keep the bowtie Bruce. It WORKS.
From Series: Batman: Gotham After Midnight

What Happened:

The Gotham City Policemen’s Ball has been ruined. Ruined! And they were all so excited to go too. Such a shame! How horrible, that the new murderous villain Midnight would come crashing in and spoil everyone’s fun.

Bruce Wayne (Batman) was there and getting his flirt on with Detective Clarkson when the party ended abruptly by Midnight. Then before anyone could do anything about the crazy-faced baddie, Man-Bat (Robert Kirk Langstrom) burst into the party as well! I guess once one uninvited guest comes in it’s open season for all the party crashers. Man-Bat brutally assaults Midnight for betraying him earlier and almost kills the dude. Bruce manages to subdue Man-Bat out with a handy hidden tranquilizer dart he should probably just keep on his Batman costume, because it took Man-Bat down in one hit! Despite doing the real work, Clarkson ends up thinking Bruce a coward. Bruce tries to save face a little by being a cool doctor. Chicks love blood– I mean doctors!

Batman later meets up with a cured Man-Bat in his Langstrom alter ego to get clues about where Midnight would be hiding. After he get’s everything he needs from Langstrom, Batman leaves him to get his brain electrocuted by doctors.

On the rooftops Batman finds Midnight playing with jars of human hearts. They battle, because Batman is against that sort of thing, and the results are pretty gruesome. Midnight has staked his victims to a tourist billboard for Gotham City while a blood red Bat-Signal shows on it. It’s a lot of meaning to take in at once, but let me break it all down for you: HORROR!!

Back in the burbs, The Joker has decided to settle down and bought a nice house just in time for Halloween.

What I Learned From This Comic:

Batman hates guns, but Bruce Wayne will totally shoot a guy with a tranquillizer bullet.

Writer: Steve Niles
Artist: Kelley Jones
Colorist: Michelle Madsen
Letterer: Pat Brosseau
Executive Editor: Dan DiDio
Editors: Michael Siglain & Harvey Richards