Green Arrow (Vol 3) #8

The cover to Grene Arrow (Vol 3) #8
The one with a beard is evil!? They both have beards!
From Series: Green Arrow (Vol 3)

What happened:

Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) and Oliver Queen (Also Green Arrow) meet in heaven because they both died. The end. I don’t want to explain how this happened. No, I’m done. Green Arrow died and had a long talk with himself in heaven, what more do you need? Will knowing why there are two Green Arrow’s make your life better in any way? You could be using that time to learn a skill! Brush up on your Spanish. Read a wikihow on how to repair holes in your jeans. There’s so much more you could do besides learn about the two Green Arrows.

OK, have the weak of heart left?

They have?

Cool. Let’s do this.

So, there is the younger Oliver Queen who has been running around Star City claiming to be Green Arrow even though Green Arrow died in an explosion years ago. There is also an older Oliver Queen who has been enjoying himself very much in heaven. When The Demon Etrigan freaks out when he sees the younger Ollie he burns him up with his fire breath. Fortunately, Hal Jordan, the current host of the all-powerful-voice-of-God The Spectre, uses his powers to save Young Ollie and take him to heaven where he can meet Old Ollie.

But why are there two Ollie’s?! The answer is complicated so grab your Texas Instruments graphing calculator.

When Hal Jordan was good. He was the Green Lantern of Earth. Then Hal Jordan was bad. He started calling himself Parallax and killed a bunch of people. After a while he decided to be good again and sacrificed himself to save the world during the big Final Night event. UNKNOWN TO US UNTIL NOW, right before Hal went to save the world he visited the deceased Ollie in heaven and asked if he would like to come back to life. Since Ollie’s life sucked before he died and he was IN HEAVEN he didn’t want to. His life was bad and heaven is great. Makes complete sense. Hal did not give up that easily though so Ollie offered a horrible macabre compromise which looks into the face of decency and laughs. Instead of Ollie being brought back to life… what if Hal just brought his BODY back to life… as a soulless abomination? Since Hal was still getting used to being a good guy again he didn’t recognize this was stupid and agreed. So young Ollie is the soulless body and old Ollie is the body-less soul.

Back in the world of the living Batman (Bruce Wayne), Black Canary (Dinah Lance), Arsenal (Roy Harper), and Deadman (Boston Brand) manage to subdue Etrigan and turn him back into his human form of Jason Blood. Deadman tells everyone Ollie is safe. With nothing else left for them to do they all just go home.

Ollie returns to the home of Stanley Dover, the old man with whom he has been living since returning to life. Ollie catches Stanley up on events and when he says he has no soul the old traitor conks Ollie unconscious. Ollie wakes up tied to a table alongside his new friend Mia Dearden. Stanley decides to lay all his creep-cards out on the table and show’s he has a terrified boy dressed as a monster trapped in a glass bubble as well. Living with Stanley was a bad choice!

Meanwhile, Connor Hawke wakes up from a nightmare somehow knowing the dad he never met is in trouble.

What I learned:

Jason Blood’s penis is not the size Deadman would like a penis to be.

Writer: Kevin Smith
Pencils: Phil Hester
Inker: Ande Park
Colourist: Guy Major
Letterer: Sean Konot
Cover Artist: Matt Wagner
Executive Editor: Mike Carlin
Editors: Michael Wright, Bob Schreck