JLA #11

The cover to JLA (Vol 1) #11
“Now where did I leave those blue and green crayons?”
From Series: JLA (Vol 1)

What Happened:

Lex Luthor has constructed an Injustice Gang to take down the JLA because he thinks Superman made the team just to spook him. Well Lex Luthor isn’t spooked by a team of demi-gods! And Lex Luthor doesn’t make wild assumptions about other people’s actions! Lex Luthor wouldn’t make a mistake like that! Lex Luthor doesn’t make mistakes, this is why he has a murderous clown on his team.

The Flash (Wally West), Superman, Aquaman (Arthur Curry), Martian Manhunter (J’onn J’onzz), Aztek (Uno), and Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner) meet on the Watchtower to discuss the recent attack by their evil holographic clones. Aquaman uses his fish connections to discover his clone was spotted in a part of the ocean right before that part of the ocean vanished. Batman (Bruce Wayne) also Skypes into the meeting to let everyone know large chunks of air have been disappearing.

Green Arrow (Connor Hawke) calls in an alert that the missing ocean has shown up in California and the JLA sends Green Lantern to fix that catastrophe. Meanwhile, Superman and Martian Manhunter go to investigate the source of the teleporting air and water.

Green Lantern fixes everything with a wacky cartoon and then decides to take the rest of the day off with Green Arrow. They hang out at a diner and complain about work. Circe is conveniently at this diner and uses her power over men to plant distrust between Green Arrow and the rest of the team.

While investigating the source of the teleportation, Superman and Martian Manhunter get stuck in a hologram of a maze controlled by Joker’s brain. J’onn is only able to navigate out of it after shape-shifting his own brain into something equally as crazy as Joker’s, but then Superman goofs and sets of a bomb.

Metron of the New Gods busts into the Watchtower to set up the next story line. C’mon man! We’re not finished with this one yet! He needs The Flash, Aquaman, Aztec to help him find the philosopher’s stone before Darkseid.

Back on earth Batman gets to play dress up and finds Plastic Man. Then he reveals to Robin he knows Lex Luthor is behind all the troubles the JLA is having and prepares to go to war with him not as The Dark Knight but as the sketchy corporate businessman Bruce Wayne.

What I Learned From This Comic:

Plastic Man can’t be fooled by a wig and a mustache, unlike the entire criminal population.

The Creators:
Writer: Grant Morrison
Pencils: Howard Porter
Inker: John Dell
Colorist: Pat Garrahy
Separations: Heroic Age
Letterer: Ken Lopez
Editor: Ruben Diaz