Locke & Key #3

The cover to Locke and Key #3
“Oops! Sorry! Knicked your ear a little! No charge for this haircut”

From Series: Locke and Key

What Happened:

Kinsey Locke is trying really really hard to just blend in with everyone at her new school. She got rid of her dreadlocked hair for a more conservative look. She no longer wears shirts with political slogans on them because that’s “pathetic”. She also turns down any requests to hang out with other kids. These are pretty chill kids too. They don’t bat an eyelash at the fact that Kinsey likes to run track and field while wearing a giant jangly bracelet. Regardless, they are JUST NOT CHILL ENOUGH for Kinsey so she doesn’t want to risk not blending in and ditches them.

These changes to her life aren’t making Kinsey Locke very happy though. After her father was brutally murdered in their own home by Sam Lesser, one of his students, the Locke family moved east to live in the Key House. Their dad grew up in the Key House and wanted the family to move there should something ever happen to him. So they did and now everyone is miserable. Their mother Nina Locke is developing a drinking habit. The oldest brother Ty Locke is trying to repress all his trauma with the help of physical labor. The youngest Bode Locke has discovered magic keys which give him powers. Everyone is in a really bad place!

Except for Bode, because MAGIC KEYS.

Bode tries to show Kinsey the key he has which lets him leave his body and become a ghost but she just thinks he’s playing a game. When Bode tells her things about Detective Daniel Mutuku he couldn’t know, she starts to suspect there may be some truth to his game.

Also, Detective Mutuku? He’s back because Sam Lesser escaped from jail. Everyone is pretty certain that there is no way Sam could know where the Lockes moved to, but they are also unaware that an evil spirit (The Echo) living the Well House behind their home has been helping Sam all along.

The news of Sam’s escape does not help Kinsey blend in at school. After a pep talk from her track coach Ellie Whedon, she decides: Eh, screw it. Kinsey cuts off her hair into a crazy new ‘do and meets with fellow track team member Jackie Veda to go for a run.

Meanwhile, Sam Lesser is totally on his way to kill them all!

What I Learned From This Comic:

Nobody in Massachusetts knows how to check for a pulse.

The Creators:
Writer: Joe Hill
Penciler, Inker, Cover: Gabriel Rodriguez
Colorist: Jay Fotos
Letterer: Robbie Robbins
Editor: Chris Ryall