Sam’s Awful Roadtrip – Locke and Key #4

The cover to Locke and Key #4
I refuse to make a photobomb joke in this image caption. The image captions are a place for a higher quality joke than that!

From Series: Locke and Key

What Happened:

Sam Lesser, the student who murdered the Locke’s father, has escaped from jail and is traveling to the Keyhouse to release the mysterious and trapped Dodge. Plus he’ll probably try to kill the rest of the Locke family. It’s how the guy is now.

His awful home life and status as a social outcast in school make Sam an easy mark for Dodge, who is able to contact him through a painting of the Wellhouse when she’s been trapped. It’s Dodge who bargains with Sam, offering him anything he wants, if he could just get the Anywhere Key from Mr. Locke which would allow her to escape. The attempt to get the key goes very poorly and results in Mr. Locke getting killed and the rest of the family traumatized enough to move to the other side of the country.

So Sam is on a horrible road trip to get to the Keyhouse, where the remaining Locke’s now live and where Dodge’s Wellhouse prison resides. He manages to hitch hike with truckers for a while by giving them oral sex for rides. Gross. One trucker offers to help him get more money by giving oral sex to his friends. Gross. Sam kills the trucker and takes his money. Not as gross, but still very very evil.

Sorry, didn’t mean to come off as so judgmental to people who give oral sex to truckers. You’re not gross and what you do is probably terrifically beautiful in its own way. It is more the action of a mentally unstable person like Sam Lesser being bullied into giving oral sex for car rides which is gross.

Sam later kills an entire bus of people after he’s been recognized by a woman with a baby. Sam is a little too far gone to start feeling remorse for him now.

Back at the Keyhouse, the youngest Locke child, Bode, had a dream where his dead father told him a joke. Desperate to know the rest of the joke he asks his oldest brother Ty. Ty is able to work through his grief over his fathers death to try and help. Bode also asks his older sister Kinsey and uncle Duncan, who are busy enabling the widowed Mrs. Locke’s alcoholism.

Bode figures out the meaning of the joke is about an echo. Bode has been talking to an Dodge, who has been referring to herself as an Echo in the Wellhouse recently. Unable to determine if this is a clue or warning, Bode shrugs it off.

What I Learned From this Comic:

Don’t take the bus.

The Creators:
Writer: Joe Hill
Penciler, Inker, Cover: Gabriel Rodriguez
Colorist: Jay Fotos
Letterer: Robbie Robbins
Editor: Chris Ryall