A Justice League Too Many – JLA #1

The cover to JLA 1
I guess Batman’s straightedge under that cape?

From Series: JLA (Vol 1)

What Happened:

The President of the United States is acting like a bipolar during a mania period. He is not ready to handle a close encounter with alien superheroes. Alien superheroes show up despite this. They are called Hyperclan and they tell everyone that they’re here to fix all the world’s problems. The people of the world are really stoked that all the world’s problems are going to be handled.

Meanwhile, Superman (Clark Kent) makes sure everyone knows that problems are hard to fix and maybe superheroes from space aren’t the ones to do this. The public decides Hyperclan’s leader Protex are too shiny and pretty to be lying. It’s pretty much decided Superman is just butt-hurt that everyone now cares about these new superheroes more than him.

Superman’s concerns are sort of validated when Hyperclan starts killing unnamed villains who are clearly, actually Marvel Comics characters. When this creates a large drop in super villain crime, the public doesn’t see the problem with it.

Up in the satellite base of the Justice League, The Watchtower, the old team is packing up their stuff. They got fired for not being characters your Dad knows so they’re preparing the Watchtower for the new Justice League. They get really scared when a bunch of people dressed up like the X-Men character Juggernaut start attacking them. This seems a little weird since they were protecting the entire planet the day before but now they’re cracking under the pressure. Anyway, luckily Green Lantern and Wonder Woman are there and protect the old Justice League as they retreat inside Metamorpho’s weird shape-changing body.

Being a weird-body-bullet-with-a-face-in-outer-space is too much for Metamorpho though. The rest of the old Justice League survives the trip back to earth but they wake up in a gooey pile of their teammate.

Hyperclan is next seen digging something up they had buried on Earth a long time ago.

Superman thinks the dudes who attacked the Watchtower were actually Hyperclan. The new Justice League gathers to decide their next step. Then Batman (Bruce Wayne) shows up like a creep, shows off in a very passive aggressive way, and declares war.

What I Learned From This Comic
Grant Morrison has zero time for B-list super heroes. Get out of the way for the big dogs!

The Creators:
Writer: Grant Morrison
Pencils: Howard Porter
Inker: John Dell
Colorist: Pat Garrahy
Separations: Heroic Age
Letterer: Ken Lopez
Editor: Ruben Diaz