Starlord Mopes Through a War – Annihilation #1

The cover to Annihilation #1
At least Silver Surfer is having fun!

From Series: Annihilation

What Happened:

The good guys are losing the war. The Annihilation Wave, a name the marketing bug-people of Annihilus’s army came up with, is moving across the galaxy destroying all who resist. Many alien races have been wiped out. The Skrull empire is basically gone. The Kree are have been humbled so many times they don’t remember how to war a war. They forgot the war part!

The cause of this attack would be the our ever-expanding universe itself. When our universe started spilling into the Annihilus ruled Negative Zone, Annihilus considered our universe just another part of his. He got to work taking over and one of the first things he did was destroy the Nova Corps home world.

There are some cosmic heroes left doing their best to hold the line but the growing bleakness of the war they’re fighting is wearing on them. The last surviving member of the Nova Corps, Richard Rider, has found himself in charge of the resistance to Annihilus. Along with Gamora, Drax The Destroyer, Ronan The Accuser, and a real bummer of a Star-Lord (Peter Quill) Nova is trying to stop the Annihilation Wave. Stop it or at least learn from their many, many horrible defeats.

When the Wave breaks through their latest defense, Nova orders the retreat and flies off the save Drax. He manages to do this and then throws the dude away at high speed and calls for an orbital bombardment of the area, killing some of the Wave and a lot of his own injured soldiers. Drax survives because he is not a background character.

This was a completely unnecessary sacrifice because minutes later, the heralds of Galactus manage to take out one of Annihilus’s Queens. Since the Queens control the troops telepathically, this renders the Annihilation Wave almost useless.

So all those injured men died for no reason. One even gave Nova a thumbs up before the bombardment hit and he perished in the flames. Thumbs up aren’t given freely, they carry weight! I hope that weight drags Nova down for the remainder of his days!!

Anyway, Nova deals with the guilt of his decisions by having sex with Gamora.

Annihilus is pretty mad things in this galaxy aren’t as easy for him as they are back in the Negative Zone. The fact that one of his queens was captured really gets the green space grasshopper man… hoppin’ mad! Yes! Stuck the landing!

Thanos and his pixie best friend Skreet (comic books are weird) inform their boss, Annihilus, they now now has enough data to unlock the power cosmic within Galactus’s heralds. Speaking of Galactus, he and Silver Surfer were smooshed by Tenebrous and Aegis, allies of Thanos. Which leads you to question, if Thanos has friends who can bop Galactus around like a balloon losing its helium why is he working for the king laser bug?

Because Thanos is up to something!

What I Learned From This Comic:

Even Star-Lord hated the name Star-Lord for a while.

Writer: Keith Giffen
Pencils, Inker: Andrea Di Vito
Colourist: Laura Villari
Letterer: Cory Petit
Cover Artists: Gabrielle Dell’Otto
Editors: Andy Schmidt
Editor-in-Chief: Joe Quesada

Guardians of the Galaxy (Vol 2) #1

The cover to Guardians of the Galaxy (Vol 2) #1
A better strategy would be to put the people with swords up front and the people with guns in back but, hey, you’re right, this is your show. Have at it.
From Series: Guardians of the Galaxy (Vol 2)

The still unnamed Guardians of the Galaxy are fighting the evil Universal Church of Truth like some sort of space Pussy Riot. They’re made up of Star-Lord (Peter Quill), Quasar (Phyla-Vell), Adam Warlock, Drax the Destroyer, Gamora, and Rocket Raccoon.

There are frequent flash backs and personal interviews/confessionals. The flash backs focus on how the team was formed. After the Annihilation Wave and the Phalanx almost destroyed the galaxy on two separate occasions, Star-Lord gets it into his head that maybe some preventative care is in order. He reaches out to Nova (Richard Rider) and Quasar but only Quasar agrees to join. Nova suggests looking for lost souls who need something to do now. Like how some people start getting really into crosswords when they’re laid off.

A drunk Rocket Racoon joins. He brings the slowly regrowing Groot, who is currently too small to be help with anything besides provide additional cuteness.

Quasar, the girlfriend of the diseased Moondragon gets Drax to join. Drax is the physically augmented father of Moondragon. So team dynamics are already pretty weird. Drax is pretty down in the dumps since he’s already done the one thing he was created to do: kill Thanos. So maybe being on a team with lunatic space people could help thaaaat?

Nova gets Gamora to join the team after bargaining with sexy times.

Back in the present: the team has managed to break something important on the Universal Church of Truth’s space ship. It releases a horrible monster from another universe but the team kills it with fire and blow-em-ups. Sure hope that’s the last we see of that other universe!

The team returns to their base which is in the decapitated head of a space god called “Knowhere”. Mantis, a support member of the team has precognitive power so she knows that the team will eventually decide on the name “Guardians of the Galaxy” and that in 9 months a member of the team will kill them all. She keeps this a secret because its not nice to place with destiny.

BACK IN SPACE… a temporal distortion opens up, releasing a chunk of ice. The chunk of ice contains a figure and the shield of the currently deceased Captain America. What could this mean!?

What I Learned From This Comic:

There’s a demand for any type of reality show.

The Creators:
Writers: Dan Abnett,
Andy Lanning
Penciler: Paul Pelletier
Inker: Rick Magyar
Colorist: Nathan Fairbairn
Cover Artist: Clint Langley
Letterer: Joe Caramagna
Editors: Bill Rosemann