The Ideal Panic Room – Locke and Key # 5

The cover to Locke And Key #5
Sam Lesser breaking every rule about being a gentleman.

From Series: Locke and Key

What Happened:

Sam Lesser’s long, murderous journey to the Keyhouse has ended. He’s ready to get some revenge on the Locke family while helping his imprisoned friend, the evil spirit Dodge, escape from the Locke’s Wellhouse. A lot is coming to a head here!

Bode Locke, being a child and pretty dang stupid, decides to visit Dodge in the Wellhouse a final time. After letting Dodge know he knows she has been lying to him about being “an Echo” he firmly lets her know he will no longer come to see her. She attacks and easily captures him. Dangit Bode! Why you got to tell people you’re not going to see them anymore? It just allows them another chance to stick around! Sometimes you just have to cut those toxic people out of your life without ceremony. I’ve got some self help books I’m going to toss your way if you survive being trapped in a Wellhouse with an evil spirit.

Anyway, Kinsey Locke is trying to find her brother Bode when Sam assaults her from the shadows and leaves her bloodied and unconscious. He drags Kinsey to the Keyhouse. There Sam locks the alcoholic mother of the Locke’s Nina and the alcoholism enabling uncle of the Locke’s Duncan in the wine cellar, thus creating a bad social interaction closed loop. They’ll feed off each others inabilities to recognize a bad scene until the computer running this scenario runs out of dang memory and needs a reboot. Sam does not let this happen though. Instead, he threatens to shoot and kill their oldest son Ty Locke unless Nina tells Sam where the “Anywhere Key” is.

She has no idea what he is talking about.

Back at the Wellhouse, Dodge is pretty sure Sam is blowing his job of finding the Anywhere Key. So she tells Bode that if he brings her the key she’ll make Sam leave and not kill anyone. Since Sam has already killed Bode’s father, he is super gungho about making that happen.

What I Learned From This Comic:

Don’t watch the evening news if you need to be cheered up.

The Creators:
Writer: Joe Hill
Penciler, Inker, Cover: Gabriel Rodriguez
Colorist: Jay Fotos
Letterer: Robbie Robbins
Editor: Chris Ryall